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Here is a sampling of some commonly-asked questions and answers in designing a kitchen or bath project:

Q. How much time will a typical project take?


A. There is no such thing as a typical project! Each remodel and/or new construction project is as unique as the individual client, and depends on a variety of factors:

  • Size, scale, and scope of the project
  • Number of rooms, and site accessibility
  • Availability of special order products


Q. How much does a new kitchen cost?


A. There are many factors that may add to the bottom line. Size is only one factor.  Quality, asthetic details, specialized finishes, surface materials and appliances all need to be considered. Kitchen Creations will work within your budget to accommodate your individual goals.


Q. How do I care for natural wood cabinetry?


A. There are many natural products available, including some that you can make at home! For varnished wood, add a few drops of lemon oil into a 1/2 cup warm water. Mix well and spray onto a soft cotton cloth. Cloth should only be slightly damp. Wipe furniture with the cloth, and finish by wiping once more using a dry soft cotton cloth. For unvarnished wood, mix two tsps each of olive oil and lemon juice and apply a small amount to a soft cotton cloth. Wring the cloth to spread the mixture further into the material and apply to the furniture using wide strokes. This helps distribute the oil evenly.



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